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Migrate SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online
This post describes what you need to migrate an office 365. Besides, you’ll learn the benefits of using SharePoint Online. You’ll also learn how to install a SharePoint Migration tool.
Top 10 Features of OneDrive
Is Cloud storage the easiest way to share and access your content? We uncover the top 10 reasons to use OneDrive.
Migrating from On-Premise to SharePoint Online
Here's a quick guide about SharePoint Online migration and its benefits. We challenge our readers to think about what makes their migration successful.
Per-Site Sharing Links
Did you know that Per-Site Sharing Links can now default to people with existing access? Learn how to do it here.
SharePoint - Classic Popularity Reports to be Retired
Microsoft announced that they are retiring classic usage. This includes reports for site collections, sites, document libraries and folders.
SharePoint Online Site Swap
Want to learn how to swap sites in SharePoint Online? Discover more about SharePoint Online Site Swap here!
SharePoint Online Migration Questions
Have any questions on SharePoint Online Migration? Here's what you should ask when doing a SharePoint Online Migration Project.
SharePoint Online Site Renaming
Finally, renaming sites in SharePoint Online just got easier! Find out how to rename sites in SharePoint Online.
How Do I Add Multiple Users to Office 365
Have you ever wondered how to add multiple users to Office 365? We show you how to do this with a simple and easy-to-follow guide.
How Do SharePoint Online Admins Create Sites
Are you wondering how do SharePoint Online Admins create sites? Here's a quick and useful guide to help you out. Read more here!
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