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Delete a Project Planner Project in M365

Planner is a lightweight, cloud, web-based application available in most Office 365 business subscriptions. With Planner, you and your team can easily create plans, assign tasks to users, and view reports/charts on activities. Its user-friendly interface makes it particularly accessible for casual project managers.

While the interface is simple and easy to navigate, the option to delete a project may not be obvious.  This article shows how a Project Owner can delete the project from the system.

Warning:  At the time of this writing, there is no method to restore a deleted planner project.  Deleting a Plan is permanent.


Step 1

  • Login to M365
  • Navigate to Planner
  • Item #1:  Select the plan you want to delete
  • Item #2:  In the top-right of the banner, click the ellipses

Screenshot of M365 Planner page


Step 2

  • Clicking the ellipses will open a contextual menu
  • Item #3:  Click the Plan Settings menu item

Screenshot of M365 Planner context menu


Step 3

  • The Plan Settings panel will open on the left
  • Item #4:  In the General section, at the bottom of the panel, click the Delete this plan button

Screenshot of M365 Planner panel