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Abstract screenshot of an Excel report

Log in to Project Online with Excel

Excel is a tool that can be used for reporting on data in Project Online via OData and Project Online's API.  If you want to read the data from Project Online, it must be set to allow you to access and read the datasets.  If permission has already been enabled, you'll need to enter your credentials. 

If you haven't yet designed the report, check out the article on Connecting to Project online OData using Excel.  This article discusses the process of authenticating and not connecting.  You'll find these instructions useful if your password changes, you receive this report for the first time, or you just downloaded it.  Typically, once you authenticate, the report will cache and continue to use the credentials unless you open the Excel file on another computer.

Follow these steps to authenticate with Project Online:

Step 1

  • Assuming the report is already built, and you receive a security warning, click Enable Content in the yellow banner.

Screenshot of Excel external content warning banner


Step 2

  • In the Ribbon, select the Data tab
  • Select the Get Data drop-down
  • Select the Data Source Settings… menu item

Screen shot of Excel data source command


Step 3

  • Click the Edit Permissions… button.

Screenshot of Excel data source settings


Step 4

  • Click the Edit… button

Screenshot of Excel data source edit permissions


Step 5

  • Select Organizational account and click Sign In.  Enter your username and password.  
  • If you receive a forbidden error, check to make sure you've been given permission in Project Online to access the reporting data.  You may need to reach out to your Project Online administrator.

Screenshot of Excel data source OData feed


Step 6

Once you've successfully signed in.  You should see this screen.

  • Click Save
  • Click Ok
  • Click Close

Screenshot of Excel OData feed signed in


Step 7

  • Click Refresh All.  The report will connect to Project Online to retrieve data.  It should take a few minutes.

Screen shot of Excel's Refresh All command