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Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #1

Microsoft Teams

This is the first of our series of Microsoft Teams Tuesday Quick Hits.

Here we discuss quick tips and tricks for Microsoft Teams. If interested in the video on YouTube see below.....

Voicemail is coming in April for all VoIP-enabled users in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Updates for April

Microsoft announced this past week that they are now providing voicemail capabilities for all VoIP-enabled users in Microsoft Teams. VoIP-enabled users will now be able to receive and hear voicemails in the Teams desktop and web clients. This feature is on-by-default and requires administrator action to disable. 

Also if the transcription is enabled for your tenant via Voicemail Policy, your users can also see voicemail transcriptions in their desktop clients, web clients, and outlook clients. 

Coming to Teams

Microsoft Teams Updates

More exciting changes coming to Teams in the month of May 2019. For those of us that haven’t visited a Team for more than 45 days it will be automatically reordered and moved to the bottom "More" category. Users will see a dialog that will allow them to view the teams that were moved and choose to accept or undo the move. At times we all can have too many teams cluttering up our left rail.

Who Doesn't Like Being Praised

Use Praise in Microsoft Teams

Maybe not the feature everyone was expecting [ private channels ], but one that is kind of cool.

So now in a world where we don't actually communicate face to face [ kids ] with each other, but through technology.

Microsoft Teams has released a new feature called Praise.

So another way to say a good job with some flair.

Here is how you create praise for someone in Microsoft Teams.

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams quick start

Microsoft Teams is cloud-based collaboration software that is included with Office 365 licensing.

They also offer a free version of the software that you can use as well.

Dynamics 365 Service Update


Dynamics Update March 2019

Microsoft announced a maintenance window for 3/19--3/21/2019 today.

There is no expected degradation to service performance or availability.

You should see and expect a version Release or higher after the DB operations are complete.


Dynamics 365 Service Update April 14th

Beware Microsoft will be updating Dynamics 365 on April 14th.

The version number for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) organization will update to version or higher after the background database operations are complete. Although there is no expected degradation to service performance or availability, this service update is planned outside of normal business hours to help minimize any potential impact on your organization.

The maintenance Window is set for 4/14/2019  2:00 UTC  11:00 UTC 

Coming this March for Microsoft Teams

How do we keep up with all the changes and advancements in Microsoft Teams.

Well, it’s not easy and some might say it’s a full-time job with the Office 365 road map. So let’s start with some items coming to the Administration side of Teams. Now, these are features that have been released or are releasing to tenants as we speak:

Microsoft Teams is Growing

Microsoft Teams is Expanding........

Microsoft announced today that the general availability of 5,000 member teams. Starting today, all new and existing teams can accommodate up to 5,000 members, double the previous limit of 2,500 members. Larger groups can now collaborate effortlessly in a single team and leaders can connect with a broad audience within their organization.

To make it easier to get everyone into one team, Microsoft is also increasing the e-mail distribution list import limit by over 10X from 300 to 3,500.

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