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Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #2
Ever need to be logged into more than one Microsoft 365 tenant simultaneously? We walk you through how to fix this in our Tuesday Quick Hits series.
Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #1
In the first of our series of Microsoft Teams Tuesday Quick Hits, we discuss quick tips and tricks for Microsoft Teams. Click here to discover these today!
Voicemail Comes to all VoIP-enabled users in Microsoft Teams
Whoop! Microsoft announced they are now providing voicemail capabilities for all VoIP-enabled users in Microsoft Teams. Learn more here.
Coming to Teams
More exciting changes are coming to Teams! For all your regular Microsoft Teams updates, follow the link here.
Microsoft Teams New Praise Feature
Microsoft Teams has released a new feature called Praise, another way to praise teammates with some pizazz. Here's how it works.
Microsoft Teams 101
Getting Started with Microsoft Teams: A quick guide to the cloud-based collaboration software that is included with Office 365 licensing.
Dynamics 365 Service Update March 2019
Dynamics Update March 2019: Microsoft has just announced a maintenance window for 3/19--3/21/2019. Discover more about this important update here!
Coming this March for Microsoft Teams
Wondering how to keep up with all the changes and advancements in Microsoft Teams? Here, we cover some new features that have been released.
Microsoft Shift Changes
Have you started using Microsoft Shift yet? To help you out, we expand on why you should consider using this app for your businesses today.
Microsoft Teams is Growing
Microsoft announced that the all-new and existing teams can accommodate up to 5000 members, double the previous limit of 2500 members.
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