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Microsoft Teams New Praise Feature

Use Praise in Microsoft Teams

Maybe not the feature everyone was expecting [ private channels ], but one that is kind of cool.

So now in a world where we don't actually communicate face to face [ kids ] with each other, but through technology.

Microsoft Teams has released a new feature called Praise.

So another way to say a good job with some flair.

Here is how you create praise for someone in Microsoft Teams.

So while in a chat select the eclipse from the menu at the bottom and click on Praise.

Selecting praise feature from Microsoft Teams


You will see a window pop up allowing you to select a badge for the praise.

Select a badge for your Praise in Microsoft Teams


Type in a personalized note. Then select preview.

Microsoft Teams

Then if you are Ok with the praise then click send.

Microsoft Teams

And now your user and best friend have been praised.................

Microsoft Teams

Feel free to reach out with any other questions you might have.