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Microsoft Teams Channels: A New Way to Work Together
Teamwork is dream work, right? We take a closer look at how Microsoft Teams and channels can help groups and organizations work together.
Top 10 Most Used Microsoft Teams Features
Find out which features of Microsoft teams can work for your organization. Ready to make the switch? Call us today!
Why You Should Use Microsoft Teams Over Other Chat Tools
Still using other chat tools? We cover all the reasons you should be using Microsoft Teams over other chat tools.
Microsoft Stream Cloud Recordings
Did you know that with Microsoft Stream, you have a single destination for video management? Discover more about some of the upcoming changes here.
Microsoft Teams' New Cross Channel Posting Feature
Have you heard? All end-users will now be able to edit the content and channel distribution of a Microsoft Teams message after it has been posted.
Private Channels in Teams
Now Microsoft Teams' users can create policies that allow for private channels. Learn more about these policies here!
Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #6
Have you ever had a conversation or chat that you wanted to go back and review? Microsoft Teams now has a nifty way for you to do this.
Microsoft Teams and Urgent Messages
Priority Notifications is a new Teams feature. This allows users to mark a message as "urgent" - not to be confused with regular "important" messages.
Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #5
Often wonder what guests can do while in Microsoft Teams? We take a look at some of the items guests can do once they join.
Microsoft Office 365 Updates
Update time again! We thought we'd save you some much-needed time wadding through weeks worth of updates and list the items here instead.
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