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Microsoft Teams Channels: a New Way to Work Together
Using Channels for communication in Microsoft Teams.
Top 10 Most Used Microsoft Teams Features
Find out which features of Microsoft teams can work for your organization. Ready to make the switch? Call us!
Why Should You Use Microsoft Teams Over Other Chat Tools?
When it comes to chat tools Microsoft Teams has the competition beat. Take a look at our article as to why you should use Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Stream cloud recordings
With Microsoft Stream, you have a single destination for video management. Here are some upcoming changes for Microsoft Stream.
New Feature for Microsoft Teams "Cross Channel Posting'
Did you know Microsoft adding features to Microsoft Teams recently? Here are some of those features released recently.
Private Channels in Teams
Read about a new privacy feature in Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #6
We have created another video in our series of Microsoft Teams Quick Hits. Click on the link below to start the video.
Microsoft Teams and Urgent Messages
A new feature that recently came out for Microsoft Teams. This one is going to get users attention for sure.
Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #5
How do guests work in Microsoft Teams? Here is a short video that speaks to guests working in Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Office 365 Updates
More updates from Microsoft for Microsoft 365.
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