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Private Channels in Teams

Remember when Microsoft Teams launched a few years ago?

One of the items I thought was missing at the time was the ability to take private teams and from the team have private areas just for certain people. How many times do you have something HR or Accounting related and didn't need the information to be shared with everyone? We didn't want to create extra teams just for that purpose as we would have hundreds of teams.

So now in 2019 Microsoft is moving in that direction. What does that mean exactly, well it means in September 2019 you will have the ability to create policies that will allow for private channels. Also, have the option to create a channel as private when needed. The option for private channels will be to have the policy enabled and when creating the channel A lock icon indicates it is a private channel. Owners of the team will see all channels and members will only see what they have been added to in regards to private channels. Looks like the default settings will be enabled 

Private Team Channels

The great first step towards locking down teams ever further.