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Microsoft Shift Changes
Have you started using Microsoft Shift yet? To help you out, we expand on why you should consider using this app for your businesses today.
SharePoint Migration Tool Updates
Wondering how to keep up with all the changes in SharePoint and Microsoft 365? We're here to help you out.
Microsoft Teams is Growing
Microsoft announced that the all-new and existing teams can accommodate up to 5000 members, double the previous limit of 2500 members.
Microsoft Planner Explained
We break down all you need to know about Microsoft Planner with some of the most common FAQs we've encountered. Discover more today!
Sharepoint - Autodesk integration for DWG files
Yes, Autodesk and SharePoint Online have finally come together for a new and exciting feature. Discover more here!
How to Copy Microsoft Planner Plans
Want to learn how to copy Microsoft Planner Plans? Follow our straightforward guide to discover exactly how to tackle this task.
Outlook Receives MyAnalytics Add-in
Microsoft will now offer productivity insights in an Outlook add-in powered by MyAnalytics. The add-in shows suggest ways to work more effectively.
Project Online and Project Site Security
Want to discover more about Project Online and Project Site Security? We review the project site security groups from the SharePoint side.
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