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SharePoint - Classic Popularity Reports to be Retired
Microsoft announced that they are retiring classic usage. This includes reports for site collections, sites, document libraries and folders.
Scoring in Microsoft 365
Did you know that almost like credit scores in our personal lives, Microsoft has a score in Office 365 for security? We expand on this topic more here.
Microsoft Office 365 Updates
Looks like Microsoft has released some important update for Microsoft 365.
How Do I Add Multiple Users to Office 365
Have you ever wondered how to add multiple users to Office 365? We show you how to do this with a simple and easy-to-follow guide.
Coming to Teams
More exciting changes are coming to Teams! For all your regular Microsoft Teams updates, follow the link here.
Microsoft Teams 101
Getting Started with Microsoft Teams: A quick guide to the cloud-based collaboration software that is included with Office 365 licensing.
Dynamics 365 Addin Issue for Outlook
Have you seen this error while using the Dynamics 365 Addin for Outlook? This error occurs if the mailbox is not configured correctly. Here's a quick fix.
Project Online Project's Roadmaps
Struggling to connect Road Map to a Project Online Project? Here, we share a simple and straightforward way to get it sorted asap
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