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Microsoft Stream cloud recordings
With Microsoft Stream, you have a single destination for video management. Here are some upcoming changes for Microsoft Stream.
New Feature for Microsoft Teams "Cross Channel Posting'
Did you know Microsoft adding features to Microsoft Teams recently? Here are some of those features released recently.
SharePoint Online Site Swap
Learn how to swap sites in SharePoint Online.
Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #6
We have created another video in our series of Microsoft Teams Quick Hits. Click on the link below to start the video.
Microsoft 365 Secure Score
Do you know what your score is in Microsoft 365? Find out the detail you need to know to obtain a score in M365.
SharePoint Home Sites
Hoe sites are coming to SharePoint Online. Soon we can have a real intranet feel and a home page of a modern flare.
Microsoft Office 365 Updates
Looks like Microsoft has released some important update for Microsoft 365.
Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #5
How do guests work in Microsoft Teams? Here is a short video that speaks to guests working in Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Office 365 Updates
More updates from Microsoft for Microsoft 365.
Microsoft Teams Quick Hits #4
Another Quick Hits video is online and ready for your consumption. Click the link below to watch another helpful tip about Microsoft Teams.
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