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What are the Differences Between Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs. Premium
In this article, we'll be taking a closer look at the main differences between these Microsoft licensing subscriptions, and what should be considered prior to deciding on a subscription for your organization.
How Office 365 Is Used For Business In 2022
The world is innovating, and along with it has come to a need for organizations to keep up. From new modes of communication to new ways of doing business, the modern organization needs to be able to adapt and change with the times. And one way that organizations can do this is by using technology to their advantage.
Office 365 Microsoft Tools for Collaboration - Looking at the Features and Benefits
As an entrepreneur, employer, manager, or administrator, failing to adopt the latest and most effective collaboration will negatively impact the workplace's growth, development, running, efficiency, and productivity. Thankfully, with tools that integrate with Microsoft 365, you can rest easy.
What You Need to Know About Microsoft Sensitivity Labels
What is a sensitivity label? Why would I use a sensitivity label in Microsoft 365? We cover all you need to know.
Microsoft Stream Cloud Recordings
Did you know that with Microsoft Stream, you have a single destination for video management? Discover more about some of the upcoming changes here.
Scoring in Microsoft 365
Did you know that almost like credit scores in our personal lives, Microsoft has a score in Office 365 for security? We expand on this topic more here.
SharePoint Home Sites
Heard of SharePoint's new Home Sites? It's a designated landing page for your organization that has a real intranet feel and a homepage.
Microsoft Office 365 Updates
Looks like Microsoft has released some important update for Microsoft 365.
Microsoft Updates for June 2019
Update time again! We thought we'd save you some much-needed time wadding through weeks worth of updates and list the items here instead.
More Microsoft Office 365 Updates
Wondering what's changed, what has been updated, or what's being released in Microsoft Office 365? We share all you need to know about the latest update here.
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